KITCHEN ISLAND / butchers block

Merging Modern design with ancient origins this stunning butchers block is a rollaway kitchen island . Crafted from almost 30 lineal meters of solid walnut it has been made in the traditional method in which the timber is in the end grain position, far superior than long grain when it comes to chopping boards and prefered by all professional butchers and chefs, the end grain heals its self the instant a knife has left its surface parting and closing with the knife so your knife stays sharp and ensuring the walnut will never splinter, it also stays cleaner with no deep cross cuts left for bacteria to grow in.

The large rubber screws underneath that hold the block on to the slatted stand can be easily adjusted allowing for movement in all directions which is essential because timber moves and breathes and will litteraly change in shape day to day with the difference in room and season temperature . This is how timber splits if it can’t move.

The imported glue that binds the individual squares of timber together is one hundred percent waterproof and is the only wood glue that is FDA approved. The block is finished with a blend of natural waxes and food grade mineral oils that make it smooth to the touch. These oils and waxes also exceed FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food. The leather is drum dyed, vegetable tanned, full grain Italian leather. Hand cut and made with 20mm gauge cotton wound thread. With Antique brass Japanese rivets. Finished with traditional saddlers bees wax leather conditioner. The purpose of the rivets besides durability is so that the stitching doesn’t cut when the knives are taken in and out

This kitchen island / butchers block is a central piece in the kitchen and an heirloom piece that will outlive your grand children


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