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Functional, earthy and luxurious.

Artistic luxury furniture, fashion and homewares. A diverse collection of one-of-a-kind and limited run pieces to be collected, utilised and showcased.

Created from a foundation of beautiful and rare timbers, the collection is complimented with natural materials such as gold, leather, bone, marble, foliage and cloth.

At once decorative and artistic, Dion Antony Artisan designs are crafted to be the heart of any room, and a functioning part of everyday life.


Inspired, passionate and wild.

Dion Antony left home at just 15 and travelled the world as a professional athlete on the Extreme Games Pro Circuit. A design-minded, teenage gypsy in the middle of a youth-culture boom, Dion’s style and talent earned him gold medals and world titles. Most importantly however, it exposed him to international travel and a level of luxury he had never before experienced.

Immersed and inspired by the cultures, music and fashion from all over the world, Dion developed a fierce obsession for art and décor. For the next 10 years he haunted street markets, yard sales, designer and antique stores, collecting rare and intriguing pieces of furniture, home wares, fashion and art, which he shipped back to safe storage in Melbourne and Sydney.

Using these pieces as inspiration, Dion’s ability to create and construct found him driving major interior fit outs for commercial and retail spaces. His work for some of Australia’s most influential fashion and hospitality clients has won awards and design accolades. 

In 2007 Dion changed gears again, this time heading into a remote part of the Western Australian desert to take up gold prospecting. The simplification of living in such a brutal but beautiful land shaped Dion’s aesthetic in a significant way, solidifying his design style into a more refined, natural form. The inclusion of gold from this period brought a new element of optimism and luxury to his pieces. 

The natural progression of Dion’s passions and experiences combined with his accomplished and detailed craftsmanship, culminates in the launch of Dion Antony Artisan.

Photographs of bed and bath on home page by Felix Forrest