Crafted from Arabescato Corchia marble and White Oak timber.

The marriage between these two beautiful mediums makes for a bold, beautiful and functional serving platter/chopping board. Designed with antipasto in mind, this is the perfect board to prepare and serve cheese, meats and marinated vegetables .

The oak and marble are intricately and painstakingly dowel jointed with a two part epoxy glue (internally), then glued surface to surface with a seperate crystal clear food grade silicone for superior strength, flexibility and durability. Afterward they go through the time consuming process of being sanded with eight grades of sand paper.

The logo is lazer printed and hand painted then feet are attached for ease of picking up and placing down.

Finally they are finished with a blend of hot natural waxes and food grade mineral oils, that seeps in to make them smooth to the touch protects them and gives them longevity, these oils and waxes exceed FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food. This is our highest selling item