These powerful prints capture the life story of these majestic creatures and their connection to all living things . Dion uses traditional Japanese methods to breath life back into these immortal giants and honour the lives they once lived . After salvaging the long dead timbers they are sanded back perfectly smooth and gently chared [...]

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Glamor and opulence draped in working class couture, this timeless denim/mink jacket is luxurious, durable and exquisitely comfortable. Destined to become a classic winter coat, it is immaculately tailored with Kolinsky Sable Mink lining in a herringbone chevron pattern with Red Fox collar and cuff. Crafted from second hand denim and mink, these are re-crafted, [...]

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These beautiful bracelets are crafted from the high-quality Hornback leather of a Saltwater Crocodile. Hard and durable on the outside, these wristbands are soft and supple against the skin. They are meticulously 24ct gold-gilded using traditional methods and are finished with three coats of premium shellac. Shellac is used to strengthen the hide and it [...]

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Crafted from Arabescato Corchia marble and White Oak timber. The marriage between these two beautiful mediums makes for a bold, beautiful and functional serving platter/chopping board. Designed with antipasto in mind, this is the perfect board to prepare and serve cheese, meats and marinated vegetables . The oak and marble are intricately and painstakingly dowel jointed with [...]

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A hybrid of ancient and modern design, this free-standing basin is crafted from Carrara marble and sustainable Australian plantation pine. It is domino jointed with Carrara marble domino inlays. The timber is sculpted with fire in the traditional, and ancient, Japanese technique called 'Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板' (or Yakisugi), which preserves the wood by charring [...]

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This soup bowl and breadboard combination is crafted from American White Oak timber and porcelain, and is finished with natural antibacterial oils and waxes that are FDA approved for direct and indirect contact with food. These bowls are 100mm deep and 220mm wide and are dishwasher and microwave safe. (Please note: never place timber in [...]

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Crafted from tempered glass and American oak, this jug is designed for both hot or cold beverages. The lid is hand carved and sanded to fit perfectly. It keeps the hot beverages hot and stops ice from spilling out when pouring cold beverages. The glass is dishwasher safe and the oak is finished with a [...]

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DESK LAMP – Ram Skull

Elegant and regal, this artistic Ram skull desk lamp is crafted from Solid brass and one hundred percent natural bone, ethically sourced and of natural demise. It is professionally cleaned to museum grade standard (a three-month process), then carved, sanded and finished with a clear, matt coat for protection from dust and fingerprints. It radiates [...]

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Crafted from rare Mornington Peninsula Tea Tree and Victorian Mountain Ash, this stunning four post bed has been dubbed a modern and organic master piece. Unique, beautiful and functional, it is king size and dismantlable so it can fit through any standard door. It has a built in dimmable light that hangs from the centre [...]

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MORTON BAY FIG – Coffee Table

Crafted from 160-year-old Morton Bay Fig. Measuring just over two meters long and just over one meter wide, it is a standard coffee table height of 450mm. With seven, custom fabricated, heavy-duty, castor wheels , they are counter sunk to give a floating appearance. Also set into the underbelly is four meters of LED strip [...]

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