Crafted from nearly fifteen lineal meters of Spotted Gum, a beautiful native Australian hardwood, the ‘Fuck Off’ butchers block is just over half a meter wide and a meter in length. It is an end grain-style chopping block that can be ordered with or without the inappropriate laser-engraved insignia.

End grain is far superior than long grain when it comes to chopping blocks and is preferred by all professional chefs and butchers. The surface basically heals itself, parting and closing with the knife as it slices through the grain—keeping your knives sharper longer. This is an heirloom piece and will outlive your children’s grandchildren.

The imported glue that binds the timber together is one hundred percent waterproof and is the only wood glue that is FDA approved. The block is finished with a blend of natural waxes and food grade mineral oils, that make it smooth to the touch. These oils and waxes also exceed FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food.