This colourful children’s necklace and bracelet is carved out of the Howlite crystal, the stones are threaded onto strong, durable, elastic.

The Howlite crystal was traditionally known for its healing properties and worn as jewellery to help focus the mind, increase knowledge, improve memory and better process emotions. Howlite is a wonder stone that can help children overcome difficulties in communication, heighten creativity and boost self-expression. It has also been known to aid in the treatment of anxiety disorders and help improve learning abilities, especially if suffering from “ADHD”. When used as a gem elixir before going to bed, it has been known to help cure insomnia and relieve growing pains and cramps. Even though this crystal is often dyed a different colour, it does not affect its healing properties.

(Always use lukewarm and soapy water to clean your Howlite jewellery. Dry it with a soft cloth or a piece of cotton to remove any soap or water residue.)