This board was originally designed, and made specifically, for world-renowned restaurant Icebergs Dining Room and Bar as the serving platter for their tartare dish. It is perfect for meats, cheeses, breads, or any meal that is complimented with side dishes and sauces.

The tartare board is crafted from solid American Oak and porcelain. The board has nine circles beautifully carved 25mm into the 30mm oak. This leaves a solid 5mm oak base for the glazed white porcelain to sit perfectly flat. The carved sections are router edged at top and bottom for ease of cleaning. The oak is domino jointed with FDA approved water resistant wood glue for superior strength and finished with a blend of natural waxes and food grade mineral oils that makes it smooth to the touch. These oils and waxes exceed FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food.

It sits off the ground on non-slip rubber feet so it can be picked up and put down with ease. The porcelain is microwave and dishwasher safe.