This stunning Gemsbok skull floor lamp is tall, slender and elegant. It is crafted from one hundred percent natural bone that is professionally cleaned to museum grade standard (a three-month process). It is then carved, sanded and finished with a matte clear coat for protection from dust and fingerprints. The horns have also been buffed and polished.

It is mounted on an antique, solid hardwood base, that has been finished in the traditional, and ancient, Japanese technique called ‘Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板’ (or Yakisugi), which preserves the wood by charring it. The process involves charring the wood with flame, cooling it with water, brushing it with horse hair and finishing it with a water-based clear coat.

This natural bone floor lamp radiates a beautiful soft light from an easily accessible 15w globe that has been carved into the rear cavity.