Crafted from solid American White Oak, this table combines elegant, modern design with ancient techniques. The oak is 45mm thick with a large bevelled edge and domino jointed with breadboard ends, that have been doweled through the domino joints with elongated holes. This allows the perpendicular grains to move with the season, without causing friction or splitting. This time-consuming technique is difficult, but extremely effective, and though not often used in today’s furniture design due to mass production, it is the correct artisan method. It is three meters in length, 900mm wide at one end and 1900mm wide at the adjacent end. With round corners creating a quadrilateral or trapezoid shape, it is designed for two people to have an intimate dinner or meeting at the 900mm end, or to seat 15 people for dinner functions or board meetings. The unique shape ensures everyone is visible without having to lean in to see one another.

It has been finished in the traditional, and ancient, Japanese technique called ‘Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板’ (or Yakisugi), which preserves wood by charring it. The process involves charring the wood with flame, cooling it with water, brushing it with horse hair, and finishing it with a water-based clear coat. The result is a jet-black, matte finish that accentuates the natural grain. Depending on the angle of the light, the charred wood can take on a silver to purple facade.

The base is industrial strength chrome and black powder-coated metal, inspired by Eames.